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Who Did They Become?

Sometimes we all feel that our trials and tribulations are unique, that we are the only ones with problems. People with Asperger’s especially feel the weight of their childhood hurts and many cannot get past them....

2016--Tom "Woody" Wood and Dusya Lyubovskaya

Female v. Male Aspies

Fact: Asperger’s Syndrome is more readily diagnosed in males than females. Hans Asperger based his theories relating to Asperger’s Syndrome (named after him) on his observation of boys. Fact: Asperger’s Syndrome in women and...


General Information about ASPIES

Asperger Syndrome is a developmental disorder. People with AS (or Aspies, as they refer to themselves) don’t have cognitive or language deficits. (If they do, they’re diagnosed with autism.) But they do have a...